“Composing at the Kitchen Table” published in the Graduate Journal of Food Studies!

Hi all,

Just a quick note that my article, “Composing at the Kitchen Table” was published TODAY in the Graduate Journal of Food Studies (vol 6. #1). Check it out here. Thanks to all the folks at the GAFS conference for their questions and insight when I presented a version of this article, as well as to the editors and reviewers who strengthened the piece. Too often I forget that writing really is a collaborative process, but working with GAFS reminded me of that. Without the thoughts and reactions of readers, this would still be a ill-formed note on my computer.

I also have a review of Gitanjali G. Shahani’s book Food and Literature in this issue. You can read my thoughts on that collection here.

Finally, while I want you to read my work (of course), please enjoy all the wonderful articles and pieces in one of my favourite journals. Cheers!