Dr. Rhiannon Scharnhorst is a Lecturer in the Thompson Writing Program at Duke University and an affiliate with the Kenan Institute for Ethics What Now? network. She received her PhD in Writing Studies at the University of Cincinnati, where she was a Taft Research Center Dissertation Fellow for her work Willful Objects and Feminist Writing Practices.

Welcome to her portfolio.

image of card with due date typed at top and two lines down the center, green stamp in upper left that reads "Faculty June 8 - 1970." Stamp is crossed out with one diagonal red line.
the borrowing slip for The Midnight Bell, a novel I wrote about in my exams that was stored off-site and (possibly) hasn’t been checked out since 1970.
open spiral notebook filled with pencil notes
My note-taking and drafting process always begins by hand on paper.
Novelist Edna Lyall (real name Ada Ellen Bayley) at work on her typewriter in her study around 1901. Image (C) The London Phonographer.